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HeadquartersSan Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Service areaMetro Manila & Central Luzon,Philippines Flag of the Philippines.svg
Service typeCity & Provincial Operation
RoutesCaloocan City, EDSA, Quezon City, Parañaque City, Manila, Bulacan, Tarlac, Pampanga and Pangasinan
Fleet100+ Buses (Nissan, Daewoo & Yutong)
OperatorSeverino Santos / SANTRANS
Santrans Bus Corp.
Santrans Corporation (SANTRANS) is one of the largest bus companies in the Philippines. It offers both city and provincial operations from Metro Manila to the urban areas of Central Luzon and vice versa.




The bus company is named after its sole founder, Severino Santos. Now, the company is presently operated by Silverio and Eleonor Santos. Incidentally, in Daly City, California, where there is a large Filipino community, the county bus is called Samtrans.


Santrans started servicing the EDSA corridor in the early 90s.
The bus company went into expansion after 10 years to serve the northern Central Luzon plain, focusing on Pangasinan province as most of the terminus are located.
The company's area of coverage extends from Metro Manila to central provinces of BulacanPampangaTarlac, and Pangasinan. Its main terminal is located in CubaoQuezon City and in Avenida Sta. Cruz, Manila. It generally uses ordinary buses as its main fleet. Air-conditioned buses with ordinary fare services EDSA and its northern routes.
Its Metro Manila service is primarily the EDSA corridor and Sapang Palay-Avenida route.

[edit]Issues and Criticisms

Santrans is very famous in San Jose del MonteBulacan for having reckless drivers and arrogant conductors. There are many vehicular accidents that the company has committed since its foundation, and most of the victims of those accidents are dead. There are rumors that those victims were intentionally killed by the drivers (inatrasan ng driver is the term used by local citizens).
Due to its infamy, the corporation has earned many nicknames that were given by the citizens and its passengers. Among of the nicknames are death bus, killer bus, running casket (Fil., tumatakbong kabaong), Satan's bus and others.


Santrans uses Nissan DieselDaewoo and Yutong engine in their operations. Buses in their fleet are mostly built by Santarosa Philippines. Other old units are rehab by Del Monte Motor Works Inc. They have ordinary and air-conditioned buses.
Unbelievably, Santrans also has colorum (unregistered units) bus units. The LTFRB has oftentimes watched on the company because of some complaints of some passengers on over speeding and questionable acquisition of units.

[edit]Recent Updates

In February 2012, Five Star Group has announced the acquisition of all provincial route (except Tayug, Pangasinan & Bulacan) of this company, through First North Luzon Transit. Five Star has bought the later company's holdings, including franchise lines.


Del Monte City Trans is a sister company of Santrans. It services routes from Sapang Palay, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan to Sta. Cruz, Manila via NLEX Marilao Exit by the use of air-conditioned units built by Santarosa Motorworks.
Sanstar is also a provincial commuter bus for local residents traveling between the cities of Tarlac, Urdaneta and Dagupan.
BBTSC (Bagong Buhay Transport Services Corp.), is a new sister company of Santrans servicing also from Sapang Palay, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan to Sta. Cruz, Manila via NLEX Bocaue Exit. At present, the company is using Daewoo and Yutong ordinary units.


[edit]Provincial Destinations

(*) denotes that now operated under First North Luzon Transit (owned by Five Star) except Cubao- Tayug and San Quintin Routes.


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