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angasinan Five Star Bus Company, Incorporated, or simply known as Five Star is one of the leading bus companies in the Philippines, servicing routes mainly in the province of Pangasinan and Central Luzon plains, which includes the provinces of Nueva EcijaTarlacBulacan,Pampanga, and Northern Zambales.[1] The company is a sister company of Victory Liner. As of today, Five Star deploys more than 900 buses in its operations including its subsidiaries.




Five Star was founded in 1983 in Metro Manila. It started as a city operation firm using ordinary buses. It grew in the 90s, after the closure of Pangasinan Transportation Co., or known as Pantranco.
Five Star operates round the clock, and plies major highways and provincial and national roads in their area of coverage. It has a fleet of air conditioned and non-air conditioned (ordinary fare) buses.
For passengers en route to Pangasinan and Tarlac, the main stop may either be in Siesta or Travel Gate, both in Tarlac City. Transit passengers are also allowed to disembark at Dau Bus Terminal in MabalacatPampanga or in Marquee Mall in Angeles CityPampanga. On the other hand, for passengers en route to Nueva Ecija, the main stop is at Passengers Delight in San Miguel, Bulacan.
The company also offers bus chartering services to individuals and corporations.


Five Star is also operating a Manila-Bataan line through a subsidiary, Bataan Transit Co., Inc. Bataan Transit shares a terminal with Five Star in Cubao, Quezon City and in Pasay City. It has its own terminal in Avenida, Sta. Cruz, Manila.
Another subsidiary is First North Luzon Transit (formerly known as Royal Eagle Transit). First North Luzon Transit serves commuters en route to municipalities in western section of Bulacan and southwestern Pampanga.
Laguna Star Bus is a city bus company affiliate of Five Star. It serves the EDSA corridor from Baclaran, Parañaque City to Malanday, Valenzuela City. It uses ordinary buses, but now, they acquired air-conditioned buses with a new livery. Recently, they have now a new route, Alabang-Malanday, and it also uses Hyundai air-conditioned units.
CityBus is another city bus subsidiary, which serves the EDSA corridor from Alabang, Muntinlupa City to Novaliches, Quezon City. It uses air-conditioned buses made by Hyundai.
JRC Star Bus is a shuttle bus company which was believed to be a part of Five Star group of companies. It uses aircon buses, and its livery was said to be the same as that of the old livery of Laguna Star Bus with red on its center and white below the bus.

[edit]Recent Updates

Recently, Five Star together with its sister company Victory Liner uses Tachograph to its fleets to monitor drivers who are over-speeding or who are speeding beyond 100 km/h per hour continuously. Drivers will violate the rule will be automatically suspended.[2]
Last August 2010, Five Star Group has announced the acquisition of Sierra Madre Transportation, Co. Inc., through First North Luzon Transit. Five Star has bought all of the later company's holdings, including franchise lines.
Recently, Five Star has shared it's cubao terminal with Bicol Isarog Transport Systems, Inc. (consisting of RSL Bus Transport, Isarog Lines & Peñafrancia Tours & Travel Transport Inc.).
This 2012, Five Star have installed WiFi (Powered by Sun Broadband) on some of its air conditioned units to provide free internet for passengers with WiFi capable gadgets on board. This Year, Five Star has successfully installed WiFi on majority of its buses.
In February 2012, Five Star Group has announced the acquisition of all provincial routes (except Tayug, PangasinanSan Quintin, Pangasinan & Bulacan) of Santrans Corporation, through First North Luzon Transit. Five Star has bought the later company's holdings, including franchise lines.


Five Star utilizes and maintains UD Nissan DieselHinoKing LongYutongHyundaiKiaANKAI, Santarosa Motor Works, Anhui JAC Coaches and MAN units. Five Star is also maintainingHiger and Daewoo Bus via its subsidiaries, especially Luzon Cisco and Santrans Corporation (after the acquisition of its company holdings and franchise lines), totaling less 1000 buses.
Five Star also upgrade, repair, and refurbish aging buses and they also have the ability to build buses through Five Star Bus Body. They also upgrade and refurbish buses of its Sister Company,Victory Liner, and its Subsidiaries.


Five Star Bus Co., Inc.

Bataan Transit Co., Inc.

First North Luzon Transit Co., Inc.

Luzon Cisco Transport Inc.

Laguna Star Bus
  • Baclaran – Malanday, via EDSA McArthur Highway – uses its old livery with red stripe at its center and white stripe below the bus, now it has air-conditioned units
  • NAIA – Malanday via EDSA McArthur Highway – uses its new livery when Five Star acquired a city bus transport company, California Bus Lines
  • Alabang – Malanday via EDSA McArthur Highway – a new route, which had been operated by Five Star since it is formerly a city operation, uses also Hyundai air-conditioned buses
City Bus
  • Alabang – Novaliches via EDSA Mindanao Avenue

[edit]The Fleet


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